During our isolation I found myself baking, like a lot of other people, and bottling up a few things that needed to be used before our next delivery of fruit and vege’s.
Instead of creating fermented foods like some of my other friends, we made things that my household loves.

ORANGE MARMALADE. Thinly slicing some of the oranges and lemons we had, added some sugar, lots of simmering and boiling we had 5 jars of sweet marmalade to share. Check out the recipe we used from Culinary Hill.

LEMON BUTTER. An elderly lady from a church around the corner makes the most delicious lemon butter. I love lemons so I buy it every time they have it at their monthly jumble sale. With our stash of lemons we used Sophie Hansen lemon and passionfruit butter recipe, without the passionfruit.

BOTTLED PLUMS.  Here we used another modified version of Sophie’s bottled fruit recipes…it was much simpler than I thought. We plan to use these like a tin of fruit with some custard or in a fruit cobbler.

CURED OLIVES. When walking around our neighbourhood we noticed our neighbour had an olive tree with an abundance of olives, so we gathered a few (I know the bottle is huge that we used and looks like a lot more than a few) to try our hand at curing them.
Its been 5 weeks since starting this jar, so we haven’t tried them yet. Let’s hope we followed Don Burkes instructions correctly and they taste amazing!

 LARGE JARS OF PUMPKIN SOUP. Thankfully we save our large jars from pickles, these are the perfect size to fill with soup for 1 or 2 people. We shared these with loved ones or someone in need, as a simple and thoughtful way to give a comforting gift.