We’re always on the lookout for clever storage solutions and DIY projects for our home. It was a delight to come across some creative projects using minimal time, space and materials to create a practical hanger.

Erin Boyle and Rose Pearlman collaborated on this DIY project using basic knot tying techniques, creating a long chain that can be looped over a hook, peg, towel rod or closet rod. By adding in our Brass J Hook’s it allowed for bags, re-usable grocery bags and towels to be hung on the chain.

The second project I came across was made by Geneva Vanderzeil who made a simple hat rack for her Will & Bear hats.
This project used a piece of dowel, cotton cord, and a hook similar to our Brass J Hooks.

Using basic knot tying techniques with cotton cord and our Brass J Hooks, you’ll be able to also make yourself a practical hanger that looks great.

 For step-by-step instructions with photos and more details, visit Erin’s blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, for the braided cord vertical hanger project.
Or Genavea’s blog, Collective Gen for her hanging hat rack.

We just love how simple and easy this project is!