Join with us as we launch The Storekeeper & Co with an event quite like no other……A unique combination of nutritional workshops, food, flowers and farm animals!

The idea of ‘We Gather’ is to bring a unique, like-minded community together who all wish to invest their time and energy into being creative, environmentally friendly and actively aware of the benefits of nutritional foods.

Jess and Lauren, organisers behind the event mulled over the ideas as they gathered together relaxing, sitting under the trees of this stunning, Forest Cottage property. The idea came to them when they were discussing all things they love to do and are interested in….the event steamed from there about a month later.

Various workshops will run across the day for you to part take in at your own accord. The vegetable fermenting class will provide you with the skills to make your own healthy sauerkraut at home and tips on how to incorporate more fermented foods into your daily diet. Floral arranging workshops will also be available to inspire you to use wild flora, vines and leaves in your own home for your next gathering.

Informational guest speakers will also come along on the day to share the process of how bees produce pure, organic honey and the benefits of including honey in your diet.

In between workshops, enjoy your day soaking up the sun with friends and a picnic basket and take your pick from the various tasty bakery goods, a selection of coffee roasters, play with the farm animals or have a crack at the self directed sketching.

Each ticket purchase gives you the opportunity to WIN 2 nights accommodation at The Forest Cottage- all you have to do is tell them about your favourite gathering!

Such an extraordinary day to be apart of, tickets are now available here.

WHEN | Saturday October 27th 10am – 2pm

AT | The Forest Cottage located in Martinsville, Lake Macquarie.