Some would say it’s a perfect moment when friends get together to enjoy the tastes of a smooth gin, but friends Mike, Tom and Josh decided that better than that would be to distill their own West Australian aromatic Botanical Gin.
Spirit of Little Things was born using sustainable the hand-harvested native botanicals – you’ll taste tones of Thyme, Strawberry Gum and Lemon Myrtle.
Why not enliven your palette these holidays and buy a bottle – perfect on its own or you could try one of the following mixes.

Australian Botanical Ginoda

This is a really simple drink but very refreshing on a warm Christmas day. Plus its low sugar so great for someone who is health-conscious and it looks really Christmassy with all the red and green garnishes.
Super simple but great.

1 x part SoLT Botanical Gin
2x parts Sparkling mineral water
A generous squeeze of lime juice

Pour gin over a tall glass filled with ice and top it up with sparkling mineral water.
Using the lemon reamer, add a generous squeeze of lime juice and garnish with a wedge of lime, strawberries and sprigs of thyme.


60ml of SoLT Botanical Gin
25ml fresh lime juice
20ml sugar syrup

Shake well over ice and serve in a coupe glass garnish with mint, strawberries and thyme.
Note: we didn’t have a coupe glass on hand but still looks great in the Kinto glassware available in store.

Styling by Michelle Canny
Tableware from The Storekeeper & Co