The designers at Kinto believe in allowing your day be filled with what inspires you.

“Slow down and take in the beauty of nature as the seasons change from one to another.
Unwind and savour a delightful dish with family and friends.
Take time to stop and understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands. 
We imagine these scenes that enrich your life to develop and bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness”.

The team at Kinto value the careful balance between usability and aesthetics, aspiring to create products that stand by you in your everyday life.
This is why they continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious to you.

Inspiration may come from dining experiences, interior spaces or even fashion. With their passion ignited by diverse cultures and lifestyles. Often the designers are rooted in Japanese traditions and their work is interpreted in a way that fits within a modern lifestyle.
Kinto’s aim is to make the daily life richer and more comfortable.