Expert coach in creating a minimalist, organised and clean home for living, Cale Gron, from Quiet Clean & Organised
Top 5 DO’s:

1. HAVE as little as possible on your kitchen bench space. Just like an office desk space – the more clutter and mess the less productive you are and the more work you have to do.

2. GROUP what you can into tubs or trays in the pantry. This helps when searching for a sauce, or a herb, to just pull out the whole tray or tub and have easy access. This also helps you to keep a better eye on what is getting pushed to the back and not used.

3. GROUP all similar things together, foods, cups, utensils, etc. Group things in layers to use some height space not just the width of shelf space. E.g. Plate racks, add small movable shelves to pantries to give more space.

4. PUT things away as soon as you’re finished with them. As soon as dishes are dry put them away. Most people don’t unstack the dishwasher until it’s time to stack it again! Double the work, double the hassle. Half the one long job into two small jobs, much easier to keep on top of! 

5. REMEMBER – less is always more! We really have above excess when it comes to kitchens. Less stuff = less work = more time = more joy.

Top 5 DON’TS: 

1. DON’T let the sink be overfilled. A sink full of dishes always starts with a tea cup and a spoon. Wash as you go.

2. DON’T allow clutter. Most paper clutter in kitchens starts with a bill or a letter. Pay and file or discard accordingly ASAP.

3. DON’T allow cupboards and drawers to be overcrowded. A general rule to remember – a place for everything and everything in it’s place. An over stuffed drawer is often a sign you have too many of the one object.

4. DON’T let one person hold all the responsibility (if possible). Sharing is caring. This can be used as the best time to chat with family and teach kids good habits in the kitchen.

5. DON’T make it a chore! Turn it into a regular habit that makes you proud. Remember to keep the attitude of gratitude – this always helps!